Basketball Is Fun

Welcome to Basketball Is Fun: A community web application built around Basketball News, Culture and Art.

BISF™️ strives to celebrate the under appreciated , quirky and hidden corners of the game we all dream about and love. Less heavy on stats and editorial narratives as this is well covered by multiple sources in the Bball community. This idea was conceived with the intention of being maintained and curated by its community. For Us By Us.

Now, there are multiple components to the site the majority of it driven by the community. Editorial - and I use this term loosely as I'm not a writer - will included somewhat regular transmissions on a wide ranging tops about the game. This will be maintained by BISF's staff team.

Court Lust

Document and track your favorite hoops. No sweat if you don't have a drone and 25k followers on IG. This is less about an exercise of aesthetic and more about the utility of geo-locating our favorite hoops. And it could be anything. Got a rim hanging off a barn door in Indiana? Post it. Full court in the foothills of Northern Thailand? Post it. Alleyway in Salt Lake City? Post it.

The forum

This is where all the chatter happens. Talk shop with your fellow basketball fans. In the spirit of BISF, topics and content are wide ranging but must respect the policies outlined in our code of ethics.

So change your face, smile, and enjoy the process. Let’s roll the balls out and have some fun, shall we?